Hello brethren,

April is about to become history. The month was marked with unusual geomagnetic disturbances.  The K index went as high as 6 on a few instances. Lasting geomagnetic disturbances led to funky conditions with sporadic openings on 6 and 10 meters.  Low bands lived their own lives with several good nights when EU worked ZL, and NA had fun with Africa. 40 and 30 meters were bands to be if one needed the feel of crowd. As for DX, several expeditions were active. Dmitry, RA9USU showed up from Libya signing 5A5A mostly on 40 and 15 meters. With 3333 qsos in log he did well. There is a hope that Libya will be more active on the bands in contests. A Czech team was active from Togo on all bands using 5V7P call sign. Their 160 effort is remarkable, giving to some new DXCC on that band. As Mike RW1AI/RI1AND left Antarctica for good, two other Russia ops began their duty on the air – RI1ANC and RI1ANO (South Shetland Islands). They are expected to be active until 2018. Finally, A25UK just started from Botswana and expected to be QRV on all bands.

HC2AO is QRP now since yet another amplifier got fried.

73 Alex

Hello brethren,

The recent African DXpeditions left me with mixed feelings. On one hand, their performance was close to ideal concerning band use and operators´ skills and very low percentage of QSOs made with OC, SA, and Asia besides Japan. It´s clear and obvious that the main flux of callers always originates from the nearest Ham-populeted cluster. In the case of Africa such clusters are Europe and East Coast NA that lie within distances comfortable to be overcome with a simple setups radio-wise. To make it more difficult to callers outside those areas DXpedition teams usually set their low band RX systems in their directions thus a SA or OC station has to have a HUGE signal in order to be heard if at all. It would be great if further operations take into consideration the need and desire of HAMs outside EU, NA, and JA to work them and dedicate short window for calling OC or SA directly.

One more DXpedition to be mentioned – S21ZEE/S21ZED ran by a mixed Latvian-Ukranian team from Bangladesh, an entity that is a challenge for many hams in both Americas. Despite horrible band conditions, bad weather and other difficulties, the team managed to log some NA-SA on low bands. Well done!

73 Alex


Hello brethren,

The month was great and filled with a lot of good DXs on many bands. Even 10 meters showed some signs of life. Several major DX efforts took or have been taking place as well as resident DXs were nothing short of being active.  TL8TT did a great job on all bands. An example to be followed and copied. The team did the homework and seemed to know with precision where, when and who. Their dedication to pulling out weak, long-distance, low band signals is admirable and highly appreciated by all low band enthusiasts. Kudos. On the contrary, XX9D outing by my own judgment  as well as by comments of other DXers was disappointing to DXers in NA and SA save some big guns that were able to punch through the QRM/QRN levels at Macao and probably mediocre operators’ skills. Going away with a advertised NA focus and working JA’s and EU’s ain’t something you get credits for. Yes, we all understand that Macao is plagued with noise and it’s hard to find a good place for NA and SA but some have in the past.

Next. TZ4AM has been heard and worked on 160. We hope it will be a lasting effort since Mali is in high demand on 160. Nicolas, TY2AC began operating on 160. Discovering the split mode he increased the number of happy clients. Well done,  brother, carry on! VP6EU is in progress. Skillful operators with good knowledge of bands and demand, they have been doing well thus far covering EU’s (the toughest) SR and SS on low bands. TX5T (Austral Isls.) with a lightening-fast LoTW uploads but lacking 80-160 operation has been heard and worked on 40 to 10 meters. 5A1AL, Abubaker shows up sporadically on 30 meters as well as LoTW-oriented 7X3FG.
Some DXs that were  available on 160 in February:


73 Alex,


Hello brethren!

It is nice to have many DXpeditions  on the air at the same time.  In March Africa has been the most activated continent.  5U5R from Niger has been logging thousands of QSOs on all bands, operation to be continued until March, 21st. The expedition website with the on-line log can be found at http://www.dxfriends.com/5u5r/     TU5C from Ivory Coast is an all-modes, all-band activity that will be on the air until March, 19th their  log is at ClubLog and more detailed information  is at https://tu2017dx.wordpress.com/  9G5X from Gana is expected to be QRV on all bands until March, 21st. The expedition’s log can be found at ClubLog.org  3B8/G3TXF from Mauritius by Nigel ative until March 21st – a great opportunity to have that DXCC entity confirmed nearly instantly on LoTW. Don’t miss your chance! Now moving to Asia with 9N7EI from Nepal ran by the Irish DX team that will be on the air until March, 20th. HH2AA a remotely operated station in Haiti is frequently  active on 160 CW working NA, EU, and some Asia. EL2BG is back to Liberia till April. Though experiencing blackouts, he can be found on 40 and 20 meters.

Have fun! More news to come!

The passed weekend TBers were busy contesting. CQ WW 160 can be called the top TB event of the year. This time conditions were very interesting and activity was admirably high. Looking at scores posted at 3830, one can estimate that over 105 DXCC countries were available for grabs and at least 2 000 hams were there to contact. Quite a crowd for a tiny stratch of the band! No wonder that the band was packed and QRL conflicts were constant not speaking of mutual QRMing, ugly pilups, clicks, and deaf CQ machines. I had intended to go High Power but couldn´t find a HV capacitor to fix my amplifier that died in October after making a few JA contacts. The plate choke got burnt. So, being low powered, my aim was to beat my own last year result, which was not high by any means - 180.960 points made of 236 qso´s, 45 states and provinces and 33 countries. (W7RH contacted me a week before the contest telling me that I had won South Hemisphere Plaque - a complete surprise, TU Bob!) I had a new antenna installed which is nothing but a 143' wire fed at lower end against 4 quarter wave radials and strung between the top of my 70' tower and a rock under the cliff, giving me 45 degrees inclination. First signals were heard as early 22 UTC. HK1R P40AA PJ2T ZF9CW - the usual Carribean crowd, still early though, giving that my sunset is at 00 UTC. At 22.40 I heard CN2AA CQing - that was a pleasant surprise. Around 23 Z the band was packed with marginal signals from NA and SA. I was searching for the strongest and made 15 qso's before venturing into a new day. After 0 Z, conditions seemed to get better, most of NA I called came back at once. I decided to get a QRG and run a run. And I was right. I got a decent run for several hours, ending the day one with 310 qso's.So, the first hours of the contest already seemed to be promissing. I logged 1st qso with P40AA at 23.29 UT, relatively late comparing to the previous years when I managed to work PJ2T or HK1NA around 22.30. VE3EJ was second in my log two minutes later (that was early for VE3). CN2AA signals were heard with amazing stability and around 00.20 they were at s 7 level. I didn´t hear all that many callers and gave it a try. After a few attempts CN2AA´s op got a partial on me HC2 and instantly reacted HC2AO HC2AO? I sent a lengthy R and we traded exchanges. It was great! North Africa that early in the game with low power! I scanned the band and heard a few other EUs but they appeared to be indifferent to my appeals. CS2C was not strong but there and I had to give it a try. An instant response. My mood rocketed. As I began a run, NA poured in. Not with a rate to envy, but steady and kept me away from boring into the empty CQing dulldrum. Whenever the flow of callers would cease, I would venture rolling across the band, picking up whoever was new. Around 04.30 UT UW2M called with about s6 level for the first East EU. Then nothing from EU at all for a while. Eventually I hit the gold mine of EU around 05.45 UTC but it was thin and depleted after some dozen qso's. Yet it was value adding since EU mults were new and Q's points were all tenners. (Logged LZ5R, 9A5Y, UA2FZ, DL7ON, S54O, EA2KR, OE2VEL, OL7M, S50K, OM7M, OL1R, DK6WL, OE2S, DJ9VA, IZ1LBG, DM7C, DJ5MN) Then I was kicked out from my run by some EU station and I had to go S & P. I came across CS2C who was not strong but there and I had to give it a try. An instant response. My mood rocketed. TM6M was next and again with one shot. It sounded that the op on the other end got excited with a mult sending me FB several times. I decided to try a run again. It was around 07.45. I got partial 3TBK, and figured it was G3TBK calling. He readily confirmed and I got G multiplier that was instantly re-assured by G5W. The EI0R called, another mult to the chest. F8DBF was the last EU that morning. Shortly after I closed down feeling tired and not having much action going.The second day was way way behind my expections. With 310 QSOs readily logged and the previous year result already outdone, I decided to go to 400 Q's mark and whateve points score it would be. I thought that I would accomplish that task in no time but the propagation deities decided otherwise. Scarce replies to my CQ's, trouble breaking through to "fresh" ones - all in all it was a struggle. Only abput 30 qso made between 00 and 05 UTC, mostly NAs with a few SAs. At 05.30 it felt like I hit EU market again: DJ4AX, OT6M, DJ6ZM, RU1A answered my CQs. But there was no continuation. I lasted till 11.04 making a net of 413 QSOs with 51 domestic mult and 36 DX. The final DX was KH6DX. Don called at 10.49 giving me Hawaii. In conclusion, I say that I enjoyed every bit of the contest despite all downs. Conditions were very interesting with many surprises. I clearly understand the urgent need in a sophisticated RX system at least to EU and JA (South Pacific dorection and Africa are somewhat troublesome due to the local topography). And yes, 80 watts can take you world wide.

73 Alex

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7P8RU plaque0190 Lesoto 7P8RU.   The Plaque "LESOTO 2021 7P8RU". Activity of Russian DXpedition Team (RRC Club) 2021   C92RU plaque 2The Plaque "MOZAMBIQUE 2021 C92RU". Activity of Russian DXpedition Team (RRC Club) 2021.

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The Plaque "LESOTO 2021 7P8RU". Activity of Russian DXpedition Team (RRC Club) 2021. This plaque is issued for contacts with the... Read more
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The Plaque "BOTSWANA 2021 A25RU". Activity of Russian DXpedition Team (RRC Club) 2021. This plaque is issued for contacts with... Read more
This plaque is dedicated to the Russian polar explore Nikifor Begichev (1874-1927) who discovered this Island in 1908. It's issued for QSO's... Read more
The Plaque "MALAWI 2020 7Q7RU". Expedition of Russian Robinson Club 2020. This plaque is issued for contacts with the Russian... Read more

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