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It is nice to have many DXpeditions  on the air at the same time.  In March Africa has been the most activated continent.  5U5R from Niger has been logging thousands of QSOs on all bands, operation to be continued until March, 21st. The expedition website with the on-line log can be found at http://www.dxfriends.com/5u5r/     TU5C from Ivory Coast is an all-modes, all-band activity that will be on the air until March, 19th their  log is at ClubLog and more detailed information  is at https://tu2017dx.wordpress.com/  9G5X from Gana is expected to be QRV on all bands until March, 21st. The expedition’s log can be found at ClubLog.org  3B8/G3TXF from Mauritius by Nigel ative until March 21st – a great opportunity to have that DXCC entity confirmed nearly instantly on LoTW. Don’t miss your chance! Now moving to Asia with 9N7EI from Nepal ran by the Irish DX team that will be on the air until March, 20th. HH2AA a remotely operated station in Haiti is frequently  active on 160 CW working NA, EU, and some Asia. EL2BG is back to Liberia till April. Though experiencing blackouts, he can be found on 40 and 20 meters.

Have fun! More news to come!

Latest plaques

Москва 870
 "Moscow-870" plaque

In order to receive award participants are required in the period from January 1st till December 31st 2017


180x120 Zanzibar

Plaque "Fridtjof Nansen" dedicated to the 120-th Anniversary of the expedition on the ship "FRAM" led Fridtjof Nansen 1893 - 1896. 


180x120 Australia

"Australia, Islands on Earth's edge" Plaque is issued for QSOs with 4 or more different IOTA groups, activated by Andy VK5MAV from 2009 till now.

Zanzibar ia a pearl of Tanzania  The plaque is issued for contacts with 5H1WW Russian pedition to Zanzibar Island on 3 any bands any mode during November 19 - 28, 2016. 


"Incas Legacy Trophy"Work at least 10 amateur radio stations from WAZ zone 10 on 9 different amateur bands any mode, at least 1 QSO on each of 9 bands

R71RRC plaque

The Plaque  "Chukotka Jorney 2017". This plaque is issued for just one contact with R71RRC Russian pedition to Arakamchechen Island IOTA AS-071 during April, 2017.

СРР 25 for the site2010

Компания "Most Wanted DX" решила поддержать 25-летие Союза Радиолюбителей России выпуском своей плакетки "25 лет СРР". 


Sedov 980x540 2010

This plaque is issued for 4 contacts with the a special event station RA36GS on any bands and any modes from April 23 to May 22, 2017.

HD2RRC plHD2RRC Ecuadorin voyage. Work 2 Islands SA-033 and SA-034 on any bands any mode.

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IOTA hunting

180 x 120 EU7A

180 х 120 VK5MAV

Work 2 Islands SA-033 and SA-034 on any bands any mode.All logs will be upload to ClubLog. Plaque’s size 200 х... Read more
Hello brethren, April is about to become history. The month was marked with unusual geomagnetic disturbances. The K index went... Read more
MWDX has just supported R71RRC team rare IOTA AS-071.
Компания "Most Wanted DX" решила поддержать 25-летие Союза Радиолюбителей России выпуском своей плакетки "25 лет СРР". Для получения которой необходимо... Read more
Hello brethren, The recent African DXpeditions left me with mixed feelings. On one hand, their performance was close to ideal concerning... Read more
Hello brethren! It is nice to have many DXpeditions on the air at the same time. In March Africa... Read more

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The team were able to fix problem with amplifier and instal VDA 20m antenna. They are asking to make only...
The sea around Ptichy island is stormy and landed not allowed. The weather should be better on Friday, August, 25.
The part of UE23RRC, AS-142 team (RA1ZZ, RW5D) will activate Starichkov island, AS-095 sine 0000 UTC, August, 23 during 36...


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